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Application [04 Mar 2005|09:25pm]

[ mood | curious ]


~*Full Name: Alissa Marie Griswold
~*Age/DOB:Location: 16 10/19/88   Coventry & Manchester, CT & Wilmington, NC
~*Interests: Dance & every other thing that teenagers are interested
~*Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? I wish I
~*If yes, their name and how long have you been dating?
~*Can you make stamps, or banners? No I can't
~*If yes are you willing to for this community?
~*Are you willing to help with this community at all? yes i am
~*Why did you join? i felt like joining a few communities & yours was one of them
~*...Pictures if you have them... i dont have any

Meet people...

[19 Dec 2004|11:26am]

[ mood | Pissed off. ]


this commmunity is closed until someone joins and writes in it because I'm sick and fucking tired of spending my time on making this fucking thing look nice and no one ever fucking joins.


Meet people...

Application [23 Nov 2004|07:21pm]

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[12 Nov 2004|04:18pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

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[11 Nov 2004|08:17pm]

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[08 Nov 2004|08:15pm]

[ mood | okay ]

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I just thought I'd be fair and fill it out too. hehe =D

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